WordPress Maintenance Package

WordPress Maintenance Package including security monitoring, backups, website changes, WordPress support
€260 + VAT per year

WordPress Maintenance Package

Your website is important. It’s your online presence, sales tool and it may be your primary source for marketing or revenue. Just like your car, you’re going to get a lot further if your driving a well maintained car. Affordable Websites WordPress Maintenance package gives you the following services (and more) are included:

WordPress Updates

If it can be updated in your WordPress admin, we will update it for you, almost as soon as the updates are released. A real developer, backing up and updating your site. This includes core, themes and plugins.

Scheduled Backups

Regularly scheduled backups that fit your needs. We can store them on your server, to your own off-site location or we can even provide off-site storage for an additional low monthly cost.

Preventative Maintenance

We will audit and secure your site and set you up for success during our setup process. Every site and hosting environment is different, so we work with you.

Compatibility Support

We offer up to an hour of compatibility support. If we can’t fix it within that time, we will rollback to your latest update and contact you with recommendations.

Monthly WordPress Support

Every month you get access to our team of developers for website maintenance and support services for installing a plugin, cleaning up CSS issues, styling a review plugin, etc.

Security Monitoring

World class security monitoring and malware attack cleanup. Stop attacks before they start, eliminate malicious code if they happen

Why do I need a WordPress maintenance package for my website?

Content management System WordPress Dashboard by Affordable WebsitesWith your WordPress website online it needs regular maintenance to perform as it should without any issues. WordPress Updates are always carried out by WordPress itself as well as the themes and plugins, keeping your WordPress installation updated is extremely important, especially since many of the WordPress updates are security fixes & patches that will prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website.


WordPress is so widespread, it is constantly being targeted by hackers who try to break into your website and wreak havoc. As soon as WordPress developers find these security vulnerabilities, they create patches to fix them, this leads to regular updates that will keep your WordPress installation clean and safe.


If you don’t keep your WordPress installation updated regularly, you have the risk of becoming the next victim to malicious attacks that can be easily prevented by keeping your WordPress code updated.